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Amplifying the friction between the inner and outer world using a combination of 3D mocap, scanning technology and dream interviews.

Digitally capturing expressions as people talk about their dreams. Subtle fluctuations in speech and movement can indicate what lies beneath.

I am attempting to uncover, connect and visualise the unconscious as a dynamic system behind the coherence of the public face.

Marvin Minsky, an American cognitive scientist concerned largely with research of artificial intelligence, proposed the Society of Mind – where a multitude of sub-agents emerge into the coherent self.

Daniel Dennett, an American philosopher, writer, and cognitive scientist, suggested a similar concept in Consciousness Explained as he described a “bundle of semi-independent agencies” which plays a part toward the self.

From a mythological / psychological perspective, Jung believed that our unconscious mind is constructed from templates that are imprinted from the Collective Unconscious. Our personal unconscious is a combination of these templates that form a unique pattern of a person’s personality.
These templates could also be considered to be autonomous patterns with specific characteristics and goals. He called them Archetypes, similar to the gods and heroes in myth; they are often pernicious, capricious and irrational. Perhaps unlike the Gods, the Archetypes are always trying to find unification with one another, Jung called this Individuation.

The current image and video represents my continual exploration of these themes and is specifically inspired by Jung’s Archetypes to express the friction between the inner and outer world.

Exhibited at Wigan Steam 10th Nov – 4 December 2018



Experimenting with character design, 3D modelling, mocap and rendering.