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The Stocks of Nag Hammadi

A man finds himself locked in the stocks. During the night alone with his thoughts he is visited by a series of apparitions.

Obsessed with perfection, he believes he is imprisoned in reality and can’t transcend it’s dire fallibility. “If only I could find the key to release myself from this existence, from the restrictions of this reality!”

To all who will bother to listen, he makes grandiose claims that he alone knows of ultimate freedom; making him an object of ridicule and contempt.

Later on, various apparitions visit in the form of gargoyles and devils, he has a dialogue with them about his predicament, they plead with him in various forms to either transcend or to remain in reality.

Firstly Greed visits him, but he has no need for greed, he is too high minded for that.

Then Desire visits him, but he is too cerebral for that! 

Then Conceit visits but masked by intellectual snobbery and he succumbs to this temptation. But it is in vain, he is tricked to remain.

One observes that his self absorbed pomposity has imprisoned him in his own intellectual exile. “you are unwilling to escape because you enjoy the conceit of misery and the sense of contrived isolation that this status affords you.”

He believes that they are external voices, but are they projections of his own unconscious?

In the end, he finds himself on trial for heresy, his unconscious his prosecutor and the audience the jury.


Posted on

10th January 2015